• Pocket Royal

Product name and model: Pocket Royal
Number of springs per m2 (approx): 375
Number of strokes: about 6.5 and 7
Coating / thickness : perforated zone with latex micro profiling, 3 cm
Height in cm (approx.): 24
Ticking detachable: Yes
Anti allergy (excluding wool): No
Anti dust mite: No
Weight class: up to 120 kg
Type of core : pocket spring
Number comfort zones: 7
Ventilation core: the open structure of the pocket springs optimum ventilation
Ventilation ticking: 3D ventilation board
Hardness : medium
Handles: Yes
Suitable for adjustable bed base: Yes
Suitable for bed bases: bed base with at least 28 bars, spiral bottom, dish bottom, insert box spring / boxspring
Suitable for sleeping positions : back, abdomen