• Boxspring Trend non-adjustable

  • This romantic boxspring combination of the collection consists of two non-adjustable box springs and headboard. The upholstered 6,5-turn pocket sprung mattress HR (2 pieces) consists of approximately 281 springs per m2. The core is covered with 2.5 cm HR foam SG35. The mattress has seven comfort zones. The double mattress HR consists of HR foam SG35 and has a height of about 8.5 cm.
Product name and model: Boxspring Trend non-adjustable
Material boxspring: 70% polyester, 30% acrylic
Weight Class: up to 120 kg
Type core box spring: bonnel
Number comfort zones boxspring: 1
Number of springs per m2 boxspring (approx): 87
Number of strokes spring boxspring: 4
Coating / thickness boxspring: polyether SG25, 1.5 cm
Implementation: non-adjustable
Colour legs: aluminum
Material legs: wood
Outside Dimension W x D in cm: 163x212, 5
Headboard height in cm: 115