• At SUNFLOWER we take pride in our ability to provide the best sourcing solution of specialty sleep product for our customers. Our products include Beds & Boxsprings, Mattresses, Bases, Bedclothes, Cabinets & ancillaries and Quilts & pillows.
  • We believe our success is a direct result of our ability and total commitment to deliver Quality, Service and Execution for our customers. With the experience in the Asian market we have developed a clear understanding of the cultural, communication and quality differences that make sourcing product directly so challenging. Our global offices provide oversight and communication with our clients throughout the process and we can directly monitor all facets of the production and inspection process to insure we provide the quality you specified.
  • Trusted and Experienced
  • SUNFLOWER is a global company with offices in Australia and China. We’ve been doing business in Asia for years and have built a unique knowledge of culture and customs ensuring quality and reliability. We provide our clients access to this trusted network of specialty sleep suppliers and manufacturing partners that are second to none.
  • Our commitment
  • To fully utilize our experience and knowledge of the sourcing process to choose a manufacturer that will best serve the unique interests of each of our clients.